Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pinks and Blues

Hey Makeup Indulge-rs

It has been such a long time since I ever did a look, and posted it on my blog...I know I haven't done anything on here, since this is kind of a new blog, I was actually talking about my old blog on sharayzee.blogspot.com. I am no longer using that blog for makeup, I'm just going to be using it for my own personally life :)

Anyways, I wanted to try giving myself some babydoll bangs...and in this pic, it was the only time I ever fixed it properly. Ever since I chopped it off, I just thought I made a mistake, and it never suited me, maybe just because I wasn't wearing any makeup at the time.
After making myself over, the bangs didn't look that bad, but like I told myself, after my bangs grow out, I don't think I will ever cut them Like that again.

Enough of that, so here is the look that I did. I has pink, blues, and some black. How I did the eyes:
At first I primed my lids with Provici's Shadow magnet, you can use your finger or a concealer brush, blend that all over your lids and up to the brow bone.
Then next I used Provici's Sandstone e/s and placed that on the inner corners of my lid.
I then used Coastal scents 88 shimmer pallet and grabbed the pink on the last row, 7th from the left, and applied that to the Mid section of my lid.
You want to make sure to blend where the sandstone e/s ends and where the pink starts so you have a soft fading effect.
Next I took this light watery blue color on the 6th column, 2nd row down, and 6th from the left (sound confusing..hehe sorry) and I used a blending brush and applied that to my crease area..making sure to blend well.
Now taking the deep blue e/s located on the last row, right smack in the middle, I applied that to the outer part of my crease, by doing that it adds more of a dramatic effect that I was aiming for. * Remember each time that you put a new color on your lid, you always want to blend the colors together, just so you don't have any harsh edges, you always want to have a very soft blended look.
Now to give my eyes a more deeper look, I took a little bit of Mac's Carbon and applied that to my outer corners.
To Highlight my brow bones I used Provici's Lingerie e/s, and also to open up the eyes a bit more..I used the same e/s and applied a little bit right on the inner tearduct of my eyes, it just makes your eyes pop a little bit more.
To line my eyes, I used Provici's Onyx creme liner.
Eyelashes are Quo #806.

Provici's Whisper Apricot Blush
Joe's Bronzer

MAC's Snob Lipstick
Provici's Super Candy Gloss

Hope y'all Indulgers enjoyed this tutorial
Much love

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Friday, January 22, 2010

MIni Mac Haul

My hubby was so sweet that he gave me a $200 Mac Gift card for Christmas, and along with that He also bought me a new mixer...I Love it, cuz I love to bake, Check out my baking blog here.
So anyways...I went to MAC and bought myself just a few things...I was pretty bummed out a bit, because all the colors that I wanted were all sold out, so I settled for the next best things.

Yes it is a small haul...I just didn't want to spend everything on my gift card, Just because they didn't have the colors i wanted..so once they have them back instock...I'm going back to get my stuff + more..I just can't get enough of makeup. I'm pretty sure that a bunch of you are with me on that right?

Anyways, so here's what i got
-Pink Nouveau

-Parfait Amour

-Feeling Dreamy

I wish that I could get a credit card already...there are just so many things that I want to get...it's hard living life without one, but it probably is better off that I don't have one right now..and it's also a good thing that I can't get one..2 more years then I can re-apply for one.
I'm soo bad..but what can a girl do? haha
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NYX Lipsticks.

My new Fab obsession is Lipsticks!!! This is the new hype I have now. I don't really wear a whole bunch of color on my lips, I basically just go for the natural/nude lips, or pinks. I don't necessarily were the reds, or any of the tones in that sort, just because it doesn't suit me.
So What I'm doing now, is that I'm pretty much buying as much Nude/natural lipsticks as I can..And pinks...so all shades of pink I will get...But I will not do the red...well maybe sometime I will..but primarily I'm sticking to these colors...I only wear the reds If i absolutely have too.

Anyway..for a long time, I've been wanting to buy myself some Nyx round Lipsticks, Just 'cause they're so cheap and affordable, and the colors look great.
So I went online at www.cherryculture.com and i purchased my self 10 lipstick, and I believe they were only $1.75 each...I must say...not a bad deal at all.

So I pretty much went with my desired colors, or what they had left instock.

A you can see, my picture quality sort of sucks, but you can pretty much tell what kind of shades they are...all the shades that i like :)
So these are the colors for left to right:
-Strawberry Milk
-Indian Pink

I was too lazy to swatch them all, but I'm pretty sure a lot of you know what they look like, since like everyone pretty much has these Lippies...so It's all good, I'm happy, and off to more Lipstick hunting!!!!
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Nuetral look

I did this look a while back, but I was pretty lazy to upload it until now. This is my nephews girlfriend, and she wanted me to do her makeup for her christmas party. She requested to do a really natural smokey eye, with a nude lip, and this is what I came up with.
Very soft looking, no?

What I used:
-Nivea moisturizing Creme
-Provici Almond Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation
-Provici Tender Beige Mineral Pressed Powder
-Provici Whisper Apricot Blush

Shadow magnet
-Provici Sandstone e/s (inner corners)
-Provici Bronzite e/s (outer corners)
-Gosh Black e/s (crease)

- Provici Bare lipliner (the entire lip)
-Provici Super Femme Lipgloss
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Monday, January 18, 2010

Working the Wonderful Wedding Show

This Year I had the opportunity to work the Wonderful Wedding show. It was amazing to see all the things you would need and want for your Wedding. It made me want to get married again.
After watching the fashion show with all the different Gorgeous wedding dresses, I wished for my husband to propose to me, so that I can get myself into one of those dresses.

Anyway..I was there with Provici Cosmetics, which is that company that I work for, we were offering make up demo's to the brides-to-be, and others who just wanted to up there looks for the day...it was so fun..and I would absolutely do it again.

Some Pics of The make up artists

Me doing what I do best

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My fashionista Event

So this Fashionista Event took place a few weeks ago, and it was somewhat of a cool experience.
We had our own little stage where we set up all our make up, with chairs, so we can give free makeup touch ups to anyone who was interested.
It was just a long night, and I was so tired already, and besides my body wasn't used to being up so late, so by 1am I was so so Sleepy. It was all good though.
I definately had fun doing the make up for the models, because knowing me, I love working with bold and fun colors, so since I had the opportunity to do that, I was excited. Usually I work with the neutral bridal colors, since we do a lot of weddings, so to work with Bright yellows, blues, oranges, greens, was so much fun!!!
I can definately tell you all that I love what I do, It's so much fun!!

The look that I did for my eyes that day.
I used all Provici Product, with some Pretty Glitter Too

The Blimpy Prego Me =P

Me doing what I'm good at =P

Me and My other 2 Beautiful Makeup Artists
The models doing their Thing =)

Here are some pics of the models make up I did. There were 10 models that night, and i had the opportunity to do 4 of them. I only have 3 of the 4 models here, unfortunately I wasn't able to get a good picture of the makeup, but they all had the same look.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Blog

Hello lovelies, If you currently follow me on Sharayzee.blogspot.com, then I hope you can follow me here too. I made this blog specifically for make up only. Since this is a passion of mine, and a job, I thought I'd just concentrate on something i'm really passionate about on this blog.
So here on Make Up Artist Glam, you will see everything about makeup, make up looks, makeup I've done on Clients, and hauls and more. As some of you know, I've landed a job as a makeup artist for PROVICI COSMETICS, and I absolutely Love it!!!!
So as I update my blog, I hope all you make up lovers continue to follow me and show me some love.
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