Friday, January 22, 2010

MIni Mac Haul

My hubby was so sweet that he gave me a $200 Mac Gift card for Christmas, and along with that He also bought me a new mixer...I Love it, cuz I love to bake, Check out my baking blog here.
So anyways...I went to MAC and bought myself just a few things...I was pretty bummed out a bit, because all the colors that I wanted were all sold out, so I settled for the next best things.

Yes it is a small haul...I just didn't want to spend everything on my gift card, Just because they didn't have the colors i once they have them back instock...I'm going back to get my stuff + more..I just can't get enough of makeup. I'm pretty sure that a bunch of you are with me on that right?

Anyways, so here's what i got
-Pink Nouveau

-Parfait Amour

-Feeling Dreamy

I wish that I could get a credit card already...there are just so many things that I want to's hard living life without one, but it probably is better off that I don't have one right now..and it's also a good thing that I can't get one..2 more years then I can re-apply for one.
I'm soo bad..but what can a girl do? haha


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