Friday, January 22, 2010

NYX Lipsticks.

My new Fab obsession is Lipsticks!!! This is the new hype I have now. I don't really wear a whole bunch of color on my lips, I basically just go for the natural/nude lips, or pinks. I don't necessarily were the reds, or any of the tones in that sort, just because it doesn't suit me.
So What I'm doing now, is that I'm pretty much buying as much Nude/natural lipsticks as I can..And all shades of pink I will get...But I will not do the red...well maybe sometime I will..but primarily I'm sticking to these colors...I only wear the reds If i absolutely have too.

Anyway..for a long time, I've been wanting to buy myself some Nyx round Lipsticks, Just 'cause they're so cheap and affordable, and the colors look great.
So I went online at and i purchased my self 10 lipstick, and I believe they were only $1.75 each...I must say...not a bad deal at all.

So I pretty much went with my desired colors, or what they had left instock.

A you can see, my picture quality sort of sucks, but you can pretty much tell what kind of shades they are...all the shades that i like :)
So these are the colors for left to right:
-Strawberry Milk
-Indian Pink

I was too lazy to swatch them all, but I'm pretty sure a lot of you know what they look like, since like everyone pretty much has these It's all good, I'm happy, and off to more Lipstick hunting!!!!


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