Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My fashionista Event

So this Fashionista Event took place a few weeks ago, and it was somewhat of a cool experience.
We had our own little stage where we set up all our make up, with chairs, so we can give free makeup touch ups to anyone who was interested.
It was just a long night, and I was so tired already, and besides my body wasn't used to being up so late, so by 1am I was so so Sleepy. It was all good though.
I definately had fun doing the make up for the models, because knowing me, I love working with bold and fun colors, so since I had the opportunity to do that, I was excited. Usually I work with the neutral bridal colors, since we do a lot of weddings, so to work with Bright yellows, blues, oranges, greens, was so much fun!!!
I can definately tell you all that I love what I do, It's so much fun!!

The look that I did for my eyes that day.
I used all Provici Product, with some Pretty Glitter Too

The Blimpy Prego Me =P

Me doing what I'm good at =P

Me and My other 2 Beautiful Makeup Artists
The models doing their Thing =)

Here are some pics of the models make up I did. There were 10 models that night, and i had the opportunity to do 4 of them. I only have 3 of the 4 models here, unfortunately I wasn't able to get a good picture of the makeup, but they all had the same look.


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